Privacy by Design 2019

Testimonials from the Privacy by Design 2019

“First of all it was very encouraging to hear similar stories to ours, both from where
we are perspective and from a common breaches and issues point of view. All
sessions were extremely pertinent and interesting, with practical examples that helped
understand concepts better. Also many useful resources were shared with the team.”

“Great to see the work happening in other schools – really impressive.”

“Legal input, awareness of case precedent, schools that had experiences or processes that we could learn from”

“All presentations were informative, practical and knowledgeable so I learned a lot about data mapping, data breach, subject access requests, etc.”

“The conference was all over informative and Valuable. It was great opportunity to hear form leading experts, and being part of this supportive community.”

“Networking and contacts, meeting colleagues and exchanging experience and practices.”

“Many, however the key motivating takeaway was the link of the GDPR legislation to its motivating purpose of prohibiting companies from mis-using this data.”

“Everything actually. The size and scale of the responsibilities ahead, but even more importantly the philosophical underpinnings of the importance of this right.”